Make no mistake, associates: Fear-Free is for you

Make no mistake, associates: Fear-Free is for you

Can Dr. Marty Becker sell you on Fear-Free? He's gonna try.
Jan 15, 2016

If you've browsed for more than a minute, you've likely seen tips on lower, patient-calming, pet-pleasing tips examined from a dozen different angles. But ... that's just for high profile practices and specialty clinics, right? Associates can't get in on the action, can they?

To be sure, we had our associate-in-residence, Sarah Wooten, DVM, get to the bottom of the topic by quizzing leading Fear-Free proponent Marty Becker, DVM.

Caveat No. 1: I don't have time!

OK, we get it: One reason to shy away from patient-calming techniques is they're bound to take longer, right? But Becker has employed the techniques for more than five years and is convinced that, with practice and with patient trust, it takes less time and the net result is better medicine.

Caveat No. 2: I work for a corporation!

Wooten raises a good point: A large number of associates are employed by corporate veterinary practices, some of whose bosses may be more worried about time efficiency than others. But Becker says it takes just one doctor to lead the charge in this environment.

Caveat No. 3: It'll hurt production!

Obviously reducing pets' stress and practicing better medicine are noble causes, but let's get real: Will it slow appointments and hurt revenue? Becker is here to tell you that production—and associate paychecks like yours—can rise.