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Life balance

By staff
This VHMA survey indicates how many managers work from home, what they love about it—and what's tough to accomplish off site.
VETTED: Mar 29, 2017
CVC educator and new author Kimberly Pope-Robinson, DVM, CCFP, talks about the dangers of— and misconceptions about—two big parts of many veterinarians' psychology.
VETTED: Mar 13, 2017
I had a solid career with a bright future when I felt a crazy urge to quit my job and go to vet school.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Feb 08, 2017
In which Dr. Greenskin wonders if she will ever attain the mythical status of her employer and mentor.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Feb 01, 2017
Here’s what veterinarians think about “difficult” pet owners: how it feels when clients lash out—and who’s willing to show them the door.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jan 23, 2017
Practice owner and newly published memoirist Dr. Laurie Hess sat down with us at CVC San Diego for an exclusive Q&A about her new book, a big sugar glider mystery, her take on practice management—and managing nosy neighbors.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jan 17, 2017
Knowing why you’re struggling is important, so it’s not helpful to label every negative experience in the veterinary profession as compassion fatigue. When I took an honest look at how I was feeling, I wasn’t running out of compassion. My fatigue stemmed from making ethical decisions within the boundaries of clients’ (often) illogical values or unreasonable budgets.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jan 04, 2017
Toxic teams disrupt patient care and our jobs. Recognizing and removing yourself from the environment is the best thing—for everyone. PLUS! Fresh data from our Toxic Teams survey.
VETTED: Dec 27, 2016
Frequent hand washing to protect yourself, your team and your patients also means painful hands with dry, cracked skin. Don't just live with it ... lotion up.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Dec 08, 2016
May the odds be in your favor that you've got a close-knit group like Friends rather than a bunch of Walking Dead baddies in your midst.
VETTED: Dec 06, 2016
The golden rule of new commitments and other sage work-life balance wisdom from Brian Conrad, a flawed but frank veterinary professional.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Dec 02, 2016
Dr. Mike Paul usually avoids drinking the water when traveling. Usually.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Dec 01, 2016
A respite from digital noise can be unexpectedly rejuvenating.
When you’re overwhelmed by life in veterinary medicine plus personal challenges on the side, it’s easy to believe you’re stuck. But you always have choices, says Dr. Karen Bradley.
VETTED: Nov 30, 2016
This busy feline practitioner keeps her life in balance on the back of a tandem bike.