Keep your veterinary dental models intact

Keep your veterinary dental models intact

Many times dental models come in two pieces. Use this tip to attach the pieces together and keep the fragile dental model from breaking.
Apr 01, 2011
By staff

Keep dental models intact

Many of the dental display models we use in practice come in two pieces and are very fragile—I've dropped and broken a few myself. Try attaching a strip of leather with small brads to act as a hinge for the two pieces. All it takes is a strip of leather (available at any craft store), a few brads, and a drill bit. I updated four dental models in 30 minutes—a lot less time than it would take to obtain new dental models. Try attaching leather strips to your dental models today.

—John Parker, DVM
Briarpointe Veterinary Clinic
Novi, Mich.

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