How veterinary clients pay bills

How veterinary clients pay bills

A dvm360 pie chart.
Mar 14, 2018



1. Lie and say you only have $100.

2. (Millennials) Get your parents to co-sign for CareCredit and Venmo $20.

3. Barter (Dude, do you need any welding?)

4. Call a rich uncle.

5. Donate plasma.

6. Pool 5 CareCredit plans.

7. Pet insurance.

8. Pet emergency fund (responsibility? What's that?) 


This snarky chart is the brainchild of Fetch dvm360 conference speaker and frequent contributor Sarah Wooten, DVM. Don’t miss her upcoming talks at the next event! Learn more about Dr. Wooten here, and find her Fetch dvm360 sessions here.