How to decide what veterinary equipment is right for your practice

How to decide what veterinary equipment is right for your practice

Aug 01, 2011

Dr. Fred Metzger, DABVP, owner of Metzger Animal Hospital in State College, Pa., understands that it's important to find the most value for each dollar. So here are three questions he asks himself before buying equipment:

1. Is it medically beneficial? "If it's not going to help my patients, I'm not interested," Dr. Metzger says. And don't just consider what new equipment can do—think about how it will affect your patients if you don't purchase it.

2. Is it easy to use? Most equipment companies offer reference lists, which Dr. Metzger scans for familiar names. Asking for input from people he trusts allows him to analyze the purchase and make sure it's a good fit.

3. Can we pay for it? If you can't afford it, it doesn't matter how much you want it. Scrutinize your budget before making a decision with your heart.

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