Hire help to speed up your invoicing


Hire help to speed up your invoicing

Don't horse around with invoicing. Hire a bookkeeper to help.
Jul 01, 2009
By dvm360.com staff

(Blaine Franger/Getty images)
Dr. Dina Duplantis was determined to start invoicing at the time of service. As owner of Equine Health Maintenance in Bueche, La., Dr. Duplantis, DABVP (equine), was weeks behind on her billing for her ambulatory practice. And she was tired of spending weekends catching up on paperwork. So she started carrying a laptop with her and invoicing on site. But despite her best efforts, she still had trouble. Invoicing for absent owners or multiple owners at a single facility was awkward, her laptop screen was hard to read in the glare of the sunshine, and the billing process seemed to gobble up time between appointments. So she switched gears again. Now, instead of invoicing on site, Dr. Duplantis sends bills to clients weekly. She pays a bookkeeper friend $10 an hour to spend four hours every Saturday at her home processing the week's accounts, and billing is completely caught up. Dr. Duplantis says her clients have been surprised—some pleasantly—at her new efficient, on-time invoicing.

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