Helping clients pay in difficult times (part 1)

Helping clients pay in difficult times (part 1)

Analysis of veterinary market data shows that pet owners need payment options
Oct 15, 2009
By staff

We turned to the numbers to get a picture of the issues at play with veterinary clients and payment today, drawing on studies conducted by DVM Newsmagazine, Veterinary Economics, Firstline, and the AVMA.

No surprise, the economy has been top of mind in the last year or so. And as you can see below, even in tough times, practitioners and their teams focus more on the health of pets than on anything else. The question is, What can you do to help clients in this situation? And how can you target your recommendations to your clients’ needs?


More in this package:
How cat owners see their pets
What cat owners spend
How dog owners see their pets
What dog owners spend
The options practices provide
Practitioners recommending pet insurance
Veterinarians who would like wider use of insurance
Team training on pet insurance
Team members' care for their own pets


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