Help your team learn to love the ledger

Help your team learn to love the ledger

With a better understanding of how day-to-day activities contribute to the bottom line, your veterinary team can become your best ally in improving practice finances.
Mar 05, 2018

Though it would be dreamy to focus strictly on caring for patients, the framework of the business at large requires that everyone in the practice understand those nagging numbers that management sometimes likes to share.

Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Brian Conrad, CVPM, believes it's essential for team members to understand the financial side of things, though they may need some convincing to be of the same opinion.

"Ultimately, what we did is, we had the staff all take a step back and understand that at the end of the day, we're a small business," he says. "And to be a small business, we have to be a profitable business and a financially viable business." Everyone on the team contributes to that reality every day, he adds.

Does this mean that receptionists and technicians need to appreciate the nuances of a pro forma adjustment to historical financials? Uhhh … probably not. But Conrad thinks every employee should at least be aware of the three biggest expense categories in a veterinary practice: staffing, goods and facilities. Once everyone understands these concepts, Conrad says you can start having conversations about specific expenses and how to be more efficient (and perhaps even remove some expenses altogether).

In addition to being able to consciously contribute to the well-being of the business, Conrad says financially informed and empowered employees can also feel more secure about the current state and future direction of the practice.

Watch the video for more ledger-loving advice from Brian Conrad:

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