Heads-up on hiring

Heads-up on hiring

How many veterinary clinics are fully staffed, how many are hiring, and what positions are they filling? Plus: Overhiring—is it for you?
Aug 01, 2008
By dvm360.com staff

Building a great team costs plenty. Salaries, benefits packages, your share of taxes, and workers' compensation and liability insurance stack up. Well-Managed Practices spend more on compensation—over 25 percent—as a percentage of gross revenue than any other expense they incur. This means increasing staff has serious impacts on cash flow.

According to our research, 80 percent of veterinary clinics say they're fully staffed most of the time. Are you in that lucky majority, or are you struggling with an empty roster? One consultant says you should not only fill up your staff but you should overhire. Say what? Learn what she means and how you can afford it.

Staffing situations in veterinary practices.

Hiring by the numbers.