Guenther's go-to advice for equine veterinary practice management


Guenther's go-to advice for equine veterinary practice management

Nobody knows equine practice management like Jim Guenther. Here are five of his best articles from over the years.
Apr 24, 2012
By staff

You became an equine veterinarian to protect the health and welfare of horses. But if you’re an equine practice owner, you also have to run a business and you must do it well. Not only does your own livelihood depend on it, but your staff members and associates rely on you, too. Searching for some inspiration? Luckily, when it comes to equine practice management, Veterinary Economics has the topic covered. Jim Guenther, DVM, MBA, CVPM, Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member and owner and president of Strategic Veterinary Consulting in Asheville, N.C., has been a prolific source of sound practice management ideas for equine practice owners. Here’s five of his best articles:

Equine inventory: How excess drugs and supplies make your practice sick
Dr. Guenther explains how you can turn your anxieties about inventory into a plan to rejuvenate it inventory and heal your financial woes.

3 ways to spread the word about your practice
Even if your practice finances are tight, Dr. Guenther recommends you continue to invest in marketing your practice. Tough times are often the right time to continue to grow your practice’s brand and prepare for greater financial success.

Social media for today’s equine practitioner
Statistics show that at least 61 percent of your clients are using social networks. Are you? Find out how Facebook and Twitter can help your practice’s profits soar.

How to choose an accountant
You shouldn’t let just anyone handle your practice’s finances. Dr. Guenther recommends searching for an accountant who is progressive and informative. Here’s his top five traits to look for in a good accountant.

Check these four critical issues
Your practice needs regular exams, too. Take a close look at profitability, revenue growth, and other financial indicators. And reap the benefits of a healthy practice today—and when you’re ready to sell.

To read more of Dr. Guenther’s tips, click here.

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