Green puppy born

Green puppy born

May 09, 2008
By staff

His mother rolled in a field of clovers before he was born. He ate too much green food coloring at birth. Kids with a funny sense of humor drew on him with a green marker. Nope. None of these things happened. But a puppy was born with green fur in New Orleans at a Louisiana SPCA facility last week. (See his picture here)

The Louisiana SPCA CEO, Anna Zorrilla, says the amniotic fluid mixed with the placenta and, voila—a (really early or really late) St. Patrick's Day puppy. The dog's health shouldn't be affected, and his coat should turn back to its light color in a couple of weeks.

This isn't the only time green puppies have shown up in the news. In 2005, a dog breeder in California was surprised to find a green puppy in a new litter. The breeder named the emerald pup Wasabi, after the green and super-spicy Asian condiment. Also, one of the characters on the animated TV show "Blue's Clues" is called Green Puppy. He goes to the dentist in this book. We're not saying you should use a green puppy as your dental compliance mascot, but ...

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