Get your hands dirty in interactive workshops at CVC Kansas City

Learn to conquer conflict, handle difficult team members, and more.
Jul 21, 2009
By staff

If you really want to learn something, you practice it. Now you won’t need to wait to get back to your hospital to put your newfound skills to work. CVC Kansas City is hosting three interactive workshops Sept. 1 on communication and conflict, developing management skills, and team members behaving badly. Each workshop will feature a four-part program from 8 a.m. to 12:45 p.m and a guarantee to get firsthand experience dirty coping with conflict, learning to manage a busy practice, and laying down the law on wayward team members.

Dr. Mary Ann Vande Linde will teach the Communication and Conflict interactive workshop. Monica Dixon Perry, CVPM, will handle Developing Your Management Skills. Mark Opperman, CVPM, and Sheila Grosdidier, RVT, will co-teach Team Members Behaving Badly.