Generating new ideas is easy as pie

Jan 01, 2008
By staff

Everyone loves getting their piece of the pie, especially when it leads to an even bigger reward. Lynn Kessel, hospital manager at Round Rock Animal Hospital in Round Rock, Texas, made two pies out of construction paper and drew eight pieces on each pie with a bright marker. She posted one pie in the technician team area and another in the receptionist area.

"When an employee submits an idea that improves efficiency, saves money, or otherwise benefits the clinic and it's implemented," Kessel says, "we write it out on a pie piece, include the employee's name, and glue it onto the 'pie chart.'" When all eight pieces are filled, the group that fills their pie gets something special, like a free lunch or movie tickets.

Kessel says the program has encouraged new ideas big and small and also enhanced teamwork. "It allows the employees to contribute to improving the clinic and recognizes the individuals and teams responsible," she says. "We've gotten lots of great ideas."

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