Forms: Lower your practice workday stress right now

Therapist Jill Cody shares top tips for stressed veterinarians and team members to loosen up, handle criticism with flair, and start focusing on what you value most.
Mar 09, 2011
By staff

Stop what you're doing. Slow down your breathing. Take a moment. Do you need to loosen up? Rev up? Slow down? Do you need to refocus on the parts of your life that are hurting? Do you need to find new ways to handle criticism and remind yourself that you're a competent veterinarian or team member?

One of those has got to fit, and counselor Jill Cody, who has turned her expertise to serve those in the veterinary field, has tackled compassion fatigue in the latest issue of Veterinary Economics. (Click here to read it.)

But she's also offered a sneak peek into what she'll present Saturday, May 7, at CVC in Washington, D.C. Follow the tips on these four handouts for a boost of energy and a new, healthier perspective on life.

The links below will begin downloading as PDF handouts when you click on them.

> Making lemonade from lemons: Transforming criticism from a pain to a positive

> 16 ways to loosen up, rev up, and slow down

> 7 tricks to successful communication

> Interactive handout: Your circle of life