Fall is the time for new beginnings

Fall is the time for new beginnings

Just because you've graduated doesn't mean you can't go back to school.
Sep 01, 2008

Kristi Reimer
I've always thought the New Year should begin in fall. Or at least that's when we should make New Year's resolutions. There's something about September that coincides well with new beginnings—whether it's the back-to-school rhythm ingrained into us in kindergarten or the crisp breeze that starts to break up the summer heat.

Whatever it is, fall arrives carrying a fresh measure of energy and inspiration. Golden leaves, woodsmoke, and geese honking high overhead form a far better environment for pondering potential life improvements than the darkness of January 1, when there's a cold wind howling outside the window. The only resolution I can realistically achieve at that point is to take as many naps as possible.

So with the scent of sharpened pencils in the air and the foliage starting to hint at the many-hued splendor to come, this is the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at your veterinary practice's compliance numbers—and to go back to compliance school, if necessary.

If you have the means and opportunity, wait for a clear morning, make a fresh pot of coffee, go out onto your deck or porch or patio, and sit down with Denise Tumblin's article in the September issue (and also in the related links below). Break out a fresh new notepad and—yes—a sharpened pencil, and take some notes in the early light on stategies that might help your practice. (This is the advantage of going to Veterinary Economics school—you don't actually have to sit in a stuffy classroom.)

While you're at it, note the salient points made by our other instructors in this issue—Drs. Ernie Ward and Craig Woloshyn, Mark Opperman, and others—then hit http://dvm360.com/ on your laptop for more tools and resources. By the time you've filled a page or two of your notebook, you'll be ready to tackle any challenge your practice throws your way.

Kristi Reimer, Editor

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