Exclusive veterinary data from Veterinary Economics' August 2012 issue

Exclusive veterinary data from Veterinary Economics' August 2012 issue

Web-exclusive content joins August 2012's print offerings to highlight some of the biggest trends and new solutions to veterinary practice difficulties.
Aug 01, 2012
By dvm360.com staff

Click on the links below for data, analysis, and in-the-trenches advice to tackle some of your biggest veterinary practice problems ...

Introducing the August 2012 Veterinary Economics: What's your problem?
At Veterinary Economics, we're listening ... and we're here to help. Plus: The top 10 biggest struggles in veterinary practice

Workplace warzone: How to deal with bullying
1 in 5 veterinary team members admit to feeling bullied by their boss sometimes. For a profession that relies on close communication of medical teams, that's a shame. Our expert has the inside scoop on how to spot the warning signs and wipe out toxic turbulence in the workplace for good.

Culture clash: Are you caring for man's best amigo?
For one in four veterinarians across the country, clients who don't speak English are increasingly common. Here's how two practices tried to bridge the language barrier.

Staying profitable in a low-cost culture
Whether you like it or not, spay-neuter clinics are here to stay. But just how much do they really impact the livelihood of your practice? And what can you do to keep your profits up when a low-cost clinic moves into your neighborhood? Find out what our experts had to say.

The associate debt dilemma
Is your net worth below zero? Not to worry, Veterinary Economics experts reveal the best ways to conquer debt before it conquers you.

The truth behind associates' restrictive covenants
Does the word "contract" send shivers down your spine? Are your palms sweating just thinking about noncompete clauses and restrictive covenants? Let us ease your fears and set the record straight on what's legal.

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