Entry form: Veterinary Economics Practice Manager of the Year, sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance®

Nov 01, 2013
By dvm360.com staff

Congratulations! You've been nominated for the Veterinary Economics Practice Manager of the Year award, sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance!

Ready to start? Take a look at the questions. Make sure you're ready to answer all of them when you finalize your entry today; you can't leave and come back to finish an incomplete entry form.

Supporting materials
Are words just not enough? If you’d like to submit supporting materials, such as PDFs, photos, videos, presentations, etc., please email them to ve@advanstar.com. Include “PMOY” in the subject line of your email.

Extra credit!
You can receive bonus points in the judging process if you post blog entries, photos, videos or audio tracks about you or your practice at dvm360.com/community. To get credit for your effort, be sure to include “PMOY” and your name somewhere in the title or description. Need a little help? Visit dvm360.com/joincommunity for information on signing up.

Still have questions?
Email us at ve@advanstar.com, and we'll help you out!