Educate exotic pet owners using dvm360 client handouts

Educate exotic pet owners using dvm360 client handouts

Exotic animals deserve excellent veterinary care. Help clients get there using these resources from dvm360.
May 01, 2015
By staff

No matter if your practice regularly treats exotic pets or if you hardly even see a guinea pig (much less a kinkajou)—you don't want to be caught off-guard when faced with a tricky question or a rat with a suspicious lump.

dvm360 has gathered up the very best tools from our expert exotic animal medicine contributors to help your practice be the exotic-animal resource clients will come to depend on. Check out the brand new exotic pet care toolkit for everything you need to help you treat these delicate patients—and communicate with their owners.

Did you know?

Exotic pets can boost revenue—and you don't even need to treat them. Consider boarding exotic animals as a way to serve clients you might not normally see. Read more here.

Exotic animal care at your fingertips

And don't miss out on the newest client handouts about exotic animals! The new exotic pet care form center has them all, including:

> How to welcome your new bird home

> Why choose a ferret for a pet?

> How to select the right cage for your bird

> Types of play and exercise for rabbits

> Help! My bird won't stop picking its feathers

... and much more!

Remember, you don't necessarily need to treat exotic animals in order to be a valuable resources for clients. dvm360 is here to help you do your part to help educate pet owners and care for all things furry, feathered, scaled and slimy.