Easy in-house marketing

Jul 01, 2005

Inundated with signs, slogans, and sales pitches, pet owners may fail to notice a key message that you've posted right in front of them. "But in-house marketing of events, specials, and new products is important to the owner, pet, and practice," says Donna Bauman, practice manager at Ottawa Animal Hospital in Holland, Mich. "When we communicate well with clients about products and services, they provide better pet care, which is good for the practice, too."

So Bauman found a creative way to spotlight the hospital's in-house marketing messages. She bought a used laptop from a local computer store and a used projector off of eBay. "I created a simple PowerPoint presentation and set the computer up to play the show continuously on a wall behind our client service team—where clients can really notice it," she says. "It takes only a few minutes to change the presentation, and the options are endless!"