Dr. Burns' shark photos

Dr. Burns' shark photos

Dec 01, 2006
By dvm360.com staff

Dr. Thomas Burns, owner of Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth, Mass., dives and photographs sharks about once a year. He doesn’t usually need protective gear, but getting a closeup of this great white shark in Dyer Island, South Africa, required a shark cage.

Incredible as it may seem, especially after you see the teeth of this lemon shark photographed at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, Dr. Burns says his hobby helps him maintain his sanity and a positive attitude.
Blacktip sharks in formation at Walker’s Cay in the Bahamas is just one of the captivating sights Dr. Burns has caught on film. He enjoys being a spectator as these creatures pursue their regular activities in the same way they have for millions of years.

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