Dognappings on the rise, AKC says

As pet thefts become more prevalent, it's more important than ever for your clients to invest in microchips for their dogs.
Sep 09, 2011
By staff

Dognappings have risen 49 percent in the past year, according to the American Kennel Club. Dogs have been stolen from pet stores, from breeders and from right under their owners’ noses at home. Some of the brazen thefts have even been caught on tape.

Experts say that most people—80 percent to 90 percent—can get their pets back on their own if they know what to do. Outfitting a collar with identification tags is the single most inexpensive thing a pet owner can do to keep a pet safe. The American Kennel Club also recommends that dog owners have their pets fitted with a microchip. See the related links below for tips to help them understand the importance of microchips.