Do you have a practice software wizard?

Do you have a practice software wizard?

You know the type: the veterinary team members with magical abilities, who know the ins and outs of your clinic’s software. Here are some top tips we’ve heard from some of these mysterious heroes.
Feb 01, 2017

Unlike wands, the software practice doesn't have to choose the wizard-- anyone can learn to be a legend with their practice's software! Photo: Shutterstock/Arthur BalitskiyDo you have someone on the team who’s really knowledgeable about your veterinary practice software and can pull very specific reports to identify business opportunities or weaknesses?

Is it you?

Would you like it to be you?

Look no further!

If you’re a muggle when it comes to practice software (which, by the way, is not fair—your acceptance letter to practice software wizardry school was simply lost in the mail!) it can be a frustrating ordeal in the clinic if you’re surrounded by wizards. According to practice software wizards we’ve spoken to, it’s easier to become better acclimated with your practice software than you think. In fact, they have three charms that can earn you a ticket onto the Practice Software Express. This one picks you up at Platform C++. Get it?

Consult the manual

Yes, it may look intimidating (try stroking the spine before opening it, in case it attacks you!), but the practice software wizard at Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital in Warren, Michigan, assures us this will really help you out if you’re in need of a quick spell. Today’s software manual spell books are easier to navigate than they look and could provide a quick fix to a problem that seems like it’s a bigger deal than it really is.

Call software support

Muggle technology will really come in handy here. If you try something you’re unsure of and get stuck, help is just a phone call away. For the most part, your practice software systems will come with incredible customer support staff who can help you out if you feel you’re in trouble. Representatives have been trained to answer your questions and can help you master even the hardest of spells.


Whether it’s done through a book of spells, websites that offer continuing education or simply by making a goal to learn what the heck that new button does, CE can help you get that much closer to becoming a practice software wiz.

What all practice software wizards say, however, is that you should never be afraid to try and improve your practice software savvy. Having the courage to tackle the scary program is half the battle. As a certain famous boy wizard once said, “Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than what we are now: students. If they can do it, why not us?”