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Aug 01, 2007
Profiling clients
Percentage of pet owners who engage in behaviors and actions that demonstrate the human-animal bond, 2007

Portrait of a typical cat owner

Portrait of a typical dog owner

QUICK STATS: Percentage of owners willing to spend any amount of money, stick with their veterinarians, and follow recommendations, 2007

Fees, expenses, and revenue
Median fee for common services at Well-Managed Practices, 2007

Practitioners' list of the most pressing issues facing veterinary medicine, 2006

Variable expenses as a percentage of revenue at Well-Managed Practices, 2007

Fixed expenses as a percentage of revenue at Well-Managed Practices, 2007

Spending on medical equipment, computer equipment, and facility improvements at Well-Managed Practices, 2005 and 2007

Financial targets to hit for a healthy practice

Percentage of veterinarians who changed drug markups because of Internet competition, 2007

COMMENTARY: Why you should keep your pharmacy

Median markups and dispensing fees at Well-Managed Practices, 2007

Percentage of practitioners who say their pharmacy business decreased in the past year, 2007

Percentage of veterinarians who saw a decrease in revenue because of changing vaccine protocols, 2007

Percentage of veterinarians who say all the doctors in their practice follow the same vaccine protocols, 2007

Veterinarians' estimate of loss in vaccination revenue, 2007

Percentage of veterinarians adopting key strategies to address changing vaccination protocols, 2007