Coming up with messages

Coming up with messages

Apr 01, 2006

Q. We have a sign out front that we put messages and sayings on. But we struggle to come up with something to put on it. Any suggestions?

"Do an Internet search for one-liners with cat, dog, pet, or any other critter that may put a fun twist on a joke or pun," says Sheila Higgs, author and writer based in Plano, Texas. For example, consider this quote that Higgs found by Mary Bly: "Dogs come when they are called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

Higgs suggests asking your clients for ideas too. If you have a newsletter, put out a request for jokes and quotes, or hold a contest to get submissions, she says.

"Be sure to give your clients credit when you use their quotes or jokes on your sign," Higgs says. "Then, take a picture of the sign and send it to the owner so he or she can share it with friends and family."

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