Clinic safety

Clinic safety

Take a look at dvm360's articles on clinic safety including accounts from veterinary practices that experienced violent threats.
Jul 23, 2013
By staff

To prevent violence at your veterinary clinic, start client care with compassion
Offering support to every client faced with difficult decisions about their pet may reduce negative incidents and endear clients to your practice.

Five signs your veterinary clinic is an easy target for criminals
Studies show robberies and crimes are rarely random, and veterinary clinics often have everything a perpetrator is looking for.

Quiz: Are you at high risk for violence and crime at your veterinary clinic?
Find out if you've done everything you can to prevent violent assaults at your veterinary practice.

Enhance security with video surveillance in your veterinary clinic design or renovation
Veterinary architect Wayne Usiak, AIA, says to guard your facility and your assets using readily available technology.

Video cameras and panic buttons: Designing with security in mind
Dr. Dennis Cloud shares an incident that prompted security changes in his clinic and talks about how to build safety into your veterinary clinic with equipment and strategy.

Man goes on veterinary clinic stabbing spree at two hospitals in Washington
Victims—a veterinarian and veterinary staff member survive with non-life threatening injuries.

Man armed with cane accused of assaulting staff, threatening to kill veterinarian
One employee pushed, another repeatedly punched by suspect distraught over death of dog, police say.

Facing a security wake-up call at our veterinary hospital
We learned an alarming lesson the night a burglar broke into our veterinary hospital—we weren't well prepared.

Veterinary clinic employee abducted by gunman in N.C.
Veterinarians and staff safe after robbery at Freedom Animal Hospital in Charlotte, N.C.

Safeguard your practice against violence in the workplace
Clinic safety expert offers four layers of protection and how to deal with confrontation.

Keep your emergency clinic safe after hours
Learn how to protect your staff and keep your practice safe from robbery and violence late at night.

13 ways to prevent a robberty at your veterinary practice
Don't put your practice—or your veterinary team—at risk. Take these steps to fend off criminals before they strike.

Gunman threatens veterinary staff in Connecticut
Walks into veterinary clinic saying he'll kill staff if dog is dead.

Violent threats at Oklahoma veterinary clinic bring gun issues into the open
Veterinarian now evaluates hospital safety plans and state's open-carry gun law.

Walk away from workplace violence
See the signs of a coworker—or a practice culture—on the edge.