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Client Service

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jan 01, 2005
I tried to explain that six years and 60 pounds alters a lot of things. He was not in agreement.
Sep 02, 2004
Value statements are tools you can use to communicate the value of your services to clients and to their pets.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: May 01, 2004
Last year our purchased feed costs ran over $6 per hundredweight of milk. That number is just killing us. You've got to find a way to get that down, or we're going to be out of business."
Mar 15, 2004
Client surveys are limited to the extent that they only provide information on past performance.
Jul 01, 2003
Dr. Marsha L. Heinke offers a lesson in phone etiquette to ensure your staff doesn't shut the door on clients even before they walk in.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Dec 01, 2002
Cleveland-Veterinarians say letting technicians take on some routine duties of farm calls can build a practice and improve healthcare delivery efficiency.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Oct 01, 2002
As veterinarians warm up to cyber communicating, are you exposing yourself to malpractice and other legal claims?
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jul 01, 2002
Recently I interviewed a man for a job as manager of one of the Agway T.S.P.F.TM Heifer Farms. This position involves overseeing the care of 3,500 animals, supervising a staff of 13 people, adhering to a budget, and interacting with customers and potential customers.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 01, 2001
Recently there has been a lot of discussion on AABP-L concerning a Web site that advertises prescription drugs at very low prices.