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Client Relations

What should I say when clients answer their cell phones during their pets' exams? I think they’d be irritated if I stopped exams to take personal calls.
Sep 02, 2004
Value statements are tools you can use to communicate the value of your services to clients and to their pets.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Aug 01, 2004
Veterinarians should chart the progression a cat may experience while on the diet.
Jun 01, 2004
Alex Martin was raised in a dog-friendly home. As a child, he shared a bedroom with his brother and a 60-lb Labrador retriever. Most of his family photos include various dogs the family owned over the years, but no cats are in the portraits. "Cats hung around the house, but were never considered part of the family," Martin says.
Jun 01, 2004
Our society is losing the war on obesity. And bad eating habits have spilled into the pet population. No matter how hard you preach, many clients don't seem to heed the warnings. In fact, client compliance with nutritional recommendations for therapeutic foods ranks at a dismal 12 percent compliance rate out of the the 59 percent of all dogs and cats that have visited a veterinarian and would benefit from treatment with a therapeutic diet, according to last year's American Animal Hospital Association's (AAHA) study. It was the worst compliance category. The survey estimates lost revenue in excess of $110,000 per veterinarian per year for therapeutic pet foods alone.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jun 01, 2004
How do we reconcile that financial limitations are a significant burden to our patients?
This doctor's scheduling strategy minimizes problems caused by late and no-show clients
DVM360 MAGAZINE: May 01, 2004
Last year our purchased feed costs ran over $6 per hundredweight of milk. That number is just killing us. You've got to find a way to get that down, or we're going to be out of business."
To get pets eating appropriate diets quickly, this doctor offers clients a sampler pack of the therapeutic diets he recommends for cats with kidney disease.
Mar 15, 2004
Client surveys are limited to the extent that they only provide information on past performance.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 01, 2004
The examination room can be a horridly stressful place. The stomach butterflies often begin before the veterinarian even walks in the door.
Nov 26, 2003
When a pet's physical exam is completed, the findings are recorded in the pet's record. Now, another person reading the record can see the findings.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Aug 01, 2003
Pastures that were dry and thin last year are now lush and green, thanks to a generally wet spring this year.
Jul 01, 2003
Dr. Linda Randall explores how the veterinary team can have a direct influence on whether or not a client will except a recommendation.
Jul 01, 2003
Dr. Marsha L. Heinke offers a lesson in phone etiquette to ensure your staff doesn't shut the door on clients even before they walk in.