Civility codes, explained

Civility codes, explained

Is your veterinary hospital certified civil?
Jan 18, 2017

Illustrated by Portia Stewart

Is YOUR team certified civil? 

Consider this checklist to see how you’re doing.

> Greet and say goodbye to those with whom you work. 

> Thank coworkers and mean it. 

> Welcome others into conversations. 

> Never use silence as a way to say you’re mad or hurt. You’re sure you’re right, but others are just as strongly convinced you’re not. 

> Hear and respect the other side and strive for an emotionally mature resolution to the matter.

The screwed-up workplace relationship you’re in is not outside the context of civility. In fact, it’s problems like the one you’re experiencing today that call for a “Certified Civil” rule book in the first place.

Everything you know about communication, connection and civility should be liberally applied to whatever relationship issue you’re experiencing now.

Death is long. Life is short. Make the most of each moment by listening and trying to understand others. You’ll be more attractive (really, people find agreeable individuals attractive), more productive and happier for your trouble.