Case study: How marketing trends in the dental world could work for your veterinary practice

Case study: How marketing trends in the dental world could work for your veterinary practice

Take a proactive approach to reaching your clients to help regain the business you've lost during the recession.
Dec 06, 2011
By staff

It's easy to blame your veterinary practice's struggles on the lagging economy. But could you be doing more to drive traffic into your clinic? It may behoove you to follow the lead of one human dental practitioner to do just that.

Dr. Terry Vines spent years building his practice, Pure Gold Professionals in Dentistry in Redlands, Calif. Vines sponsored youth soccer teams and turned his waiting room into a cozy nook with a big-screen TV, and eventually hired more dentists to accommodate his increasing workload, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Then the economy tanked and Vines was left with a dilemma: How could he make up for the loss of hundreds of patients who simply couldn't afford dentistry anymore?

After scouring the Internet for ideas, Vines decided to hire a marketing firm, Excellence in Dentistry. The company redesigned his website, adding photos and biographies of his employees, as well as glowing patient testimonials.

In 2012, Vines plans to contract the a consultant to create an email newsletter for patients and a blog to promote new services. He also tends to offer post-treatment pampering, supplying warm towels to go along with bottled water in the waiting room refrigerator.

Vines also hired Steffany Mohan, a fellow dentist and and marketing consultant, to boost traffic. According to Mohan, personal service is paramount. "People don't necessarily remember what you said or did, but they'll remember how you made them feel," she says. "We're going for giving them an experience they'll remember so they won't go anywhere else."

Vines plans to spend $35,000 to $50,000 over the next year on Mohan's marketing strategies. This will include traditional marketing strategies, like sending postcard reminders, as well as newer strategies, like reaching clients through Facebook, Twitter, and Groupon.

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