BizQuiz: Should I share this gossip?


BizQuiz: Should I share this gossip?

Gossip can strengthen relationships at your veterinary practice ... or tear them apart. Do you know when to talk and when to stay silent?
Mar 16, 2011
By staff

We all talk about other people when those people aren't around. That's good gossip. But do you know the difference between healthy conversation with a friend or co-worker and backstabbing, rumor-mongering, and reputation assassination? A lot of it comes down to having a little forethought before sharing information. What are your motives for gossiping?

If you're wondering whether to share or keep information to yourself, take this quiz. To find out more about good and bad gossip, dig into the related links below and wait for Dr. Carl Osborne's two-part series beginning in the April 2011 DVM Newsmagazine.

1. Are you motivated to gossip by personal recognition?

a. Yes

b. No