BizQuiz: Do you have a clue about doctor pay? (Answer 2b)

BizQuiz: Do you have a clue about doctor pay? (Answer 2b)

Nov 23, 2009
By staff

2) B–Correct.

Doctors receive production pay for services and products they directly provide, supervise, or sell. And every team member needs to understand what gets credited, otherwise the system won’t work.

Medical service revenue includes all medical care that a doctor provides as part of an outpatient appointment, in-hospital treatment, or surgical procedure. This also includes services that he or she supervises, such as radiography or dentistry (all care except the prophylaxis, which the technician handles). Veterinarians also receive credit for medications and therapeutic diets they dispense during an outpatient appointment, during in-hospital treatment, or at the end of a pet’s hospital stay.

Prescription refills and additional food or product purchases that don’t involve a doctor are credited to a hospital provider—anyone in a hospital who’s providing a service. The doctor receives credit for a refill only if it requires his or her time to review the record, assess the patient’s medication or dosage needs, and provide direction to the staff member who’ll fill the prescription. Doctors are never credited with boarding, grooming, or retail purchases because they typically aren’t involved in generating this revenue.

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