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Practice finances

Nov 07, 2017
By staff
Their student debt is frightening. The generation's urge to own is lightening. Find out from two young veterinary practice owners why they did it, how they did it, and what their advice is for their generational cohort.
VETTED: Oct 31, 2017
Making insurance a team member benefit turns your veterinary employees into passionate advocates—and boosts your practice’s bottom line.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Oct 27, 2017
Depreciation on a new unit for your veterinary practice can improve your tax situation. But if it doesn’t generate ROI, it’s simply not worth it.
Cost-cutting is not where the gold in your team's success lies. Look to diagnostics for the biggest boost in revenue AND patient health.
VETTED: Oct 23, 2017
By staff
Think through that next big DR purchase with a veterinary practice owner and a practice manager who share what they wanted in their new DR system and brand-new dental DR sensor.
VETTED: Oct 20, 2017
Pets can benefit from training, boarding and day care owned by a veterinarian—the DVM is the expert, after all, not pet service and pet retail staff somewhere else. Just figure out if this chance for pet enrichment for your clients is the right fit for your veterinary hospital's philosophy, staff and location.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Oct 10, 2017
If you don’t consider the balance sheet along with your income statement, you really have no idea if your business is healthy.
source-image Oct 07, 2017
By staff
Ever wondered, "How can my coworker afford THAT?" or thought, "I don't know how anyone lives on what she makes?" Here's your chance to see how other veterinary professionals are managing their money.
By staff
Tools, tips and plans to inspire you to buy a veterinary practice, help you sell a practice or get your deal with the right buyer and sell through.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Oct 05, 2017
If practice owners held prices at or below inflation, we’d all go broke, reader maintains.