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Practice finances

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 22, 2017
Economic indicators for veterinary medicine are not all rosy. And still private equity is pouring in to buy veterinary practices. Here’s where they see potential.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 19, 2017
A well-thought-out letter of intent, much like an engagement proposal, can keep from scaring off a potential business partner.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 12, 2017
And what do veterinary clients think about it? A VHMA survey takes a closer look.
VETTED: Apr 12, 2017 has launched a product directory that lets you see products available to help your team and your patients in any (seriously—any!) area of your practice. Check it out.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 11, 2017
Two successful hospitals have spent years trying to find a veterinary associate. Are these isolated incidents or signs of a larger trend? While the experts deliberate, futures hang in the balance.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 10, 2017
Wellness plans, paid for all at once or in monthly payments, could be a real pet owner pleaser at your veterinary practice. But ask yourself these four questions first.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 04, 2017
Fat-cat investors are hungry for great veterinary hospitals to buy, and they're baiting the nation's practice owners with juicy sale checks. Here's what they want in a prize catch.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 28, 2017
A medical waste compactor that's been in the market for years now poses the question, "Do you need to keep paying a company to pick up your medical waste?" The answer may be "no."
An overview of the costs, the benefits and the basics involved in joining forces with another veterinary practice (including a checklist of key issues that need to be considered for the best shot at success).
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 02, 2017
Demographic factors correlate with shorter—and longer—veterinary loan payback periods.