Announcing the Practice Management Overhaul winners

Announcing the Practice Management Overhaul winners

Two practices earned the chance to turn around their fortunes.
Nov 01, 2009
By staff

We asked for veterinary practices to tell us their struggles to serve clients, bring in revenue, and get the most out of team members. And you responded. We heard stories from across the country from practice owners and managers hoping to win the Veterinary Economics Practice Management Overhaul, sponsored by IDEXX Laboratories. Our judges narrowed the list down to two winners, who will receive an intensive consultation with a management expert, help with implementing the changes suggested, and a write-up of the experience in Veterinary Economics.

Katie Caslow, practice manager at Appalachian Animal Hospital in East Ellijay, Ga., says her practice's sagging retail sales and client wait times mark a need for help with finances and efficiency. As a Practice Management Overhaul winner, the practice will receive the consulting services of Pam Stevenson, CVPM, owner of Veterinary Results Management in Durham, N.C. "I think we can make a real difference with this practice," Stevenson says. "I hope to give them the tools to increase efficiency and communication between team members."

Caslow says she's confident the team can turn around the practice's fortunes. "We're very excited to be chosen," she says. "We're hoping our practice will benefit from this."

Dr. Jodi Houts makes each client and patient feel like family, but that closeness doesn't always carry over to team members. Dr. Houts, owner of Northwest Animal Hospital in Omaha, Neb., hopes to build team unity and to improve staff motivation. Donna Bauman, CVPM, practice manager at Ottawa Animal Hospital in Holland, Mich., and owner of Visions Veterinary Consulting, thinks the practice can succeed. "It's good that they see problems and are willing to make changes," Bauman says. She'll consult with the practice to improve team communication and development, as well as delegation from management.

We'll keep you posted as to how both practices fare throughout the Practice Management Overhaul. In the meantime, see the related links below to find management tips you can implement in your own practice.

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