Achieve more with Facebook and Twitter

Achieve more with Facebook and Twitter

The Veterinary Economics team wrote Facebook posts and tweets for your team to use to raise awareness of key health care issues with your clients and to help you encourage clients to visit and get the care their pets need. Get started today!
Jun 10, 2012
By staff

You probably have a Facebook page—96 percent of veterinarians do. About 50 percent percent of you even use it for business. And about 25 percent of you (so far) took the plunge and opened a Twitter account. Now what?

We've developed resources for you to use your social networks to educate clients about critical pet health issues on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s how it works: We've written short messages on key pet healthcare topics, including parasite control, behavior, and more. You can post these messages to Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness about key pet health issues and position your team as the best resource pet owners can turn to for information about their pets' needs.

You'll find all the topics listed on this page. Click a topic to see all the tweets about that particular issue. Then just click the "Tweet" button to use on your Twitter feed. Or copy the type and post it as a status update on your Facebook page.

Just getting started with social media?
This series of articles by Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ (and author of Social Media for Veterinary Professionals) will get you started and keep you focused as you decide how these tools can work for your practice.

Article 1: Making social media worth the time and effort
Article 2: 5 basic rules of social media
Article 3: Creating a social media strategy: Step 1—set goals
Article 4: Hush up to cut through the social-media chatter
Article 5: Join the conversation, start with Twitter and Facebook
Article 6: Converse with clients through Twitter
Article 7: 6 tips for blogging to clients
Article 8: 4 keys to Facebook for veterinary practices
Article 9: Want Facebook success? Use data to know your fans
Article 10: Put your practice on YouTube. Here's why—and how
Article 11: Mobile apps—the future is now for your practice
Article 12: Social media: You're doing it, but are you managing it?

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