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The dvm360 leadership challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Cyberbullying

When veterinary clients and internet trolls gang up on private practitioners, the effects can hurt business, harm reputations and damage psyches of those on the receiving end of cyberbullying. In this series, experts share tools and plans to help avoid internet rampages, deal with them when they crop up, and help make veterinarians and veterinary team members more resilient when people go on the verbal attack. ...

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Practice finances

Personal accounts: Fetching a bit of education, plus fun with family


This associate started the week by finishing up a veterinary continuing education conference and then digging into a more normal work week, with a bonus of spending a little time with her extended family.

Playing monopoly in the veterinary market

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Oct 12, 2018

As more practices are acquired by larger companies, are veterinary consolidators undertaking "legal" restraint of trade? Let's roll the dice and find out.

Change your money habits, change your future

FIRSTLINE - Oct 11, 2018

If your financial life as a veterinary professional still consists of putting cash into envelopes at the start of the month—or the online or Excel version of that—you should know there’s a better way.

Personal accounts: An associate veterinarian paying down $110k in debt


This week, this vet muses about the steep cost of therapeutic diets for her four cats—and that’s with the professional discount.

How can you WIN without a SCORE?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Oct 04, 2018

Goals in veterinary practice management are great, but they don’t mean much if we don’t execute a plan to achieve them.

Client relations

Vets versus clients: Dermatology


When it seems like a pet has a dermatology issue, what happens next? Is it right off to the veterinary hospital, or do pet owners skip the DVM and head for Dr. Google? Data from the Pet Owner Paths study illuminates the differences between you and your clients on what happens next.

The dvm360 toolkit: Otitis - Oct 01, 2018

Stop shaking your head and plugging your ears ... use these tools to take the aggravation out of your otitis cases—and get used to seeing healthy ears, happy pets and grateful clients. (With an educational grant provided by Bayer)

These tools were made for (dog) walkin’


A walk in the park should be just that for both the dog and the owner. Read up on these leash, harness and halter options so you’ll be ready to help your veterinary clients find the finest fits for their canine companions.

Algorithm: Can you help this pet owner pay?

FIRSTLINE - Sep 27, 2018

Veterinary clients want the best for their pets, but sometimes their financial situation gets in the way. Here's the path I travel with pet owners when they complain about price, seem hesitant to comply with recommendations or say, straight up, that they're under a financial strain.

Do you know your competition? Google 'veterinarians near me'


Research who you're up against right in your own ZIP code.

Life balance

Veterinary team building with football—even for sports haters


Foster rivalries (and, yes, camaraderie) on your crew.

3 steps to improving well-being and managing stress in veterinary practice

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 12, 2018

Stress on the job can be a good thing. It means you care about patients and clients, and it can help you do your best work. But out-of-control stress can harm your emotional well-being and physical body. Here are tips to manage your own stress and share that knowledge with your team.

Fetch dvm360 conference keynote: Are you a unicorn or a pegasus?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 06, 2018

Veterinarians and business partners Dani McVety and Mary Gardner couldn’t be more different. And yet they’re a perfect example of how wildly different personalities can work side by side in the pursuit of better care for pets.

Step into your fear

FIRSTLINE - Aug 28, 2018

Many veterinary professionals fear self-care. I saw, firsthand, at a Fetch dvm360 conference how those who tried yoga or meditation seemed to smile a little easier and to share a little more with their peers.

Facing the cyberbully: Handling trolls and other Internet haters without fear

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 26, 2018

Does the possibility of an online attack on your veterinary practice have you hiding under the covers? Come into the light! Establish and monitor your online presence to guard against online boogeymen.