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The dvm360 leadership challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: What you didn't learn in vet school - Mar 27, 2018

Feeling a little out of your depth as a new veterinarian—or like your associates aren't ready for practice? The dvm360 team addresses these post-vet-school pain points in this latest Leadership Challenge. ...

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You’ve got the coolest new idea for fixing a problem in practice: hiring, firing, helping clients pay, whatever. Share it. If we love it, we’ll share it with the world and give you $50. ...

Practice finances

Pet insurance comparison chart

VETTED - Jul 17, 2018

What should veterinary professionals and pet owners care about when considering pet insurance plans? Here's the latest information from some of the nation's top pet insurance providers.

The harrowing tale of veterinary management service agreements

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 10, 2018

Once upon a time, veterinary practices were owned by veterinarians. Then other interested parties came along ...

Practice tip: Use rewards card for cash back on veterinary purchases

VETTED - Jun 21, 2018

This financial manager, who loves her Capital One card, asks her colleagues, “What’s in YOUR wallet?”

New veterinary telemedicine service aims to save clients time, money

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 06, 2018

LiveDVM offers virtual appointments to pet owners and a business opportunity for veterinarians.

Up-to-date data about U.S. veterinary practices

Jun 06, 2018

dvm360 shares key performance indicators from veterinary practices in partnership with Sikka Software.

Client relations

Client handout: Top 10 toxins poisonous to pets

VETTED - Jul 20, 2018

Want to educate pet owners and protect patients? The veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline have compiled a list of the top 10 most common poisoning cases in dogs and cats. Time to print and share this client handout ...

Client handout: Large animals should “leaf” these trees alone

Pet Poison Helpline - Jul 20, 2018

These trees are no good for large animals. Offer clients this handout and tell them to call you if they suspect ingestion of branches, bark or leaves.

Mind Over Miller: A little more conversation, a lot more loyalty

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 19, 2018

Want to build your veterinary practice? Dr. Robert Miller says just talk to your clients.

‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’

FIRSTLINE - Jul 19, 2018

It’s a phrase I often find myself repeating when clients and pets both snap their fangs at the veterinary professionals that serve them. Here are other healthy ways of coping.

Client handout: Choose your own (Fear Free) adventure

VETTED - Jul 19, 2018

For every FAS (fear, anxiety stress) problem, there could be a solution in your exam room, in this handout and the book, or in a veterinary behaviorist's practice. Let's do this.

Life balance

The importance of an elephant and a rider in your veterinary practice

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 05, 2018

When your practice is facing changes, consider the necessity of two different outlooks.

A personal stress test straight outta Fetch


Were these veterinary conference attendees feeling compassion fatigue, burnout or secondary traumatic stress? Are you? Find out here.

Treating stress with sweat: A top prescription for veterinary students

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 15, 2018

Regular exercise can help us handle not only the grueling years of vet school but the stresses we’ll face throughout our professional lives.

My well-being fix: A trip overseas with World Vets

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 08, 2018

People ask me why I pay to volunteer to provide veterinary services thousands of miles from home. My simple answer? Because it makes me feel good.

Peanut's lesson: Facing a hard fact of veterinary care


Sometimes we need to embrace "I don't know" and move forward.