8 tips for happier cat housing

8 tips for happier cat housing

Use these ideas to help your feline friends stay calm (and safe, and even sane) when they stay with you. Some of them don’t cost a dime or require any changes to your housing. And some require a little more. Dare to dream!
Apr 02, 2016

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1. Not the ground floor
If you have the choice between a cage that’s low and a cage that’s high, pick the high one. Cats like to be up.

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2. The sweet smell of home
Encourage pet owners to bring in a blanket or some other personal item from home that smells sweetly of security.

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3. An end to the staring contest
If your cat wards line both sides of a room facing each other, look for a creative way to block the view. You could pull in a screen or hang a hospital grade curtain. Maybe install a fish tank. (Can’t blame us for dreaming cat dreams.) Also—avoid realistic images of cats on the walls for the same reasons.

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4. A little decor
Find someone with sewing skills to make little curtains that can attach with Velcro to horizontal cage bars. When you have a cat that’s freaking out, a little curtain to hide behind can be just the shelter he or she needs to calm down.

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5. A quiet upgrade
Many manufacturers now offer cage upgrades that minimize the noise of the latch. Check into options for your existing cages.

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6. A realignment
If your cages have vertical bars, consider replacing them with doors that have horizontal bars, which give your cat visitors an unobstructed view out.

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7. Better, bigger digs
Housing that gives each cat more room really does make a difference in the level of stress your feline visitors experience. New condos that take this thinking into account offer each cat a space that’s about 30 inches square rather than 18 inches square, which used to be standard. Also, keep in mind that cats prefer matte finishes to shiny finishes in their surroundings.

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8. Your brilliant idea
We know you’re looking for ways to keep cats happier in their housing. Send us your “cut the cat fear” idea
(and a pic) and we’ll share it! Email [email protected] to send your idea.