5 worst veterinary clients

5 worst veterinary clients

An array of visitors pass through the doors of veterinarian offices. Some clients are more of an annoyance than a pleasure to work with. Here are the top five worst clients to deal with.
Jun 13, 2012
By dvm360.com staff

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Danger to animals:

These are the clients that don't understand that their actions have consequences. Maybe they let their dog out of his cage in a waiting room full of other pets, when they know he'll react negatively. Maybe they've been feeding their dog chocolate and chicken bones. Whatever they do, their thoughtless actions lead to the harming of animals.

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I want it now:

These clients insist that they/their pet are royalty and that they should be the highest priority on a veterinarian’s list. They demand to be seen instantly and want any procedure or test performed immediately.

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Two faced:

These clients will walk into the office in a cheery mood, but the minute the veterinarian mentions the cost of the appointment or says something negative about the pet, their happy demeanor switches to anger.

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Always late:

These clients dawdle into the office 15 minutes late every time. They have no respect for the veterinarian’s time but expect you to make time for them (even when it overlaps with another appointment).

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These clients will try to weasel their way into any deal they can. They think the veterinarian is overcharging for any procedure and aren’t afraid to voice their opinion. They try to barter their pet’s heath for a good deal. They’ll try to rob you blind—so keep your eyes open!

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