25 cool tech tools for veterinarians

25 cool tech tools for veterinarians

Check out this list of tools and apps that can help you become more productive—and might even make you a better veterinarian.
Sep 01, 2011

With devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets growing in popularity—and dropping in price—it's easier than ever to stay connected. You can play games while you wait in line at the DMV, transfer money between bank accounts while you shop, and download your favorite e-books for leisurely reading. But are you taking full advantage of these tools? You've got thousands of apps to choose from, many of which can help you become a more productive person—and even a more effective veterinarian. To help you sort through them all, I've asked five diverse members of the profession to recommend the most useful technological tools available.

Tamara Walker, DVM, DACVS
Dr. Walker is a partner and chief surgeon at Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services, a multispecialty practice located in Seattle. Her recommendations are:

Rules for the tools
1. 2Do
This app allows you to complete your tasks in style. It's a fun, useful application that helps you create and track the lists in your life. To-do lists, idea lists, and books-to-read lists are at your fingertips. The program is easy to use and allows for easy storage of voice memos as well.
PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone

2. NPR News
This app is an excellent tool for those who enjoy listening to National Public Radio. You can stream live when your smartphone has a wireless connection. It also allows you access to stored programs and podcasts.
PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone

3. My Library
An app that provides a way of storing information on books you've read, as well as those you intend to read. It also lets you store music, movies, and other personal media information. Author information, synopses, reviews, and other details are cataloged in the application. The app allows users who are browsing in a brick-and-mortar bookstore to catalog books in My Library by using the iPhone's barcode scanner.

4. Seafood Watch
This application developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium gives you instant access to information regarding sustainable seafood and sushi. The guides are region-specific as well. If you're committed to being a conscientious consumer, this application is useful in the grocery store and at your favorite sushi or seafood restaurant.

5. Google
By using a Google e-mail account and calendar, you just might find the perfect personal assistant. Whether you have a PC, a Mac, or a smartphone, you can fully sync your e-mail and calendar, giving you constant access to your schedule. You can also download other calendars, such as the Seattle Seahawks football schedule. Google provides pop-up or e-mail reminders, too.
PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone

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