2007 article index: Vetcetera

2007 article index: Vetcetera

Dec 17, 2007
By dvm360.com staff
Jan., p. 12:
FEMA to help animals in disasters;
Americans over 60 appreciates pets' companionship;
"Don't ask, don't tell" has to stop when it comes to alternative therapies;
Being wishy-washy can be good management

Feb., p. 13:
$4 veterinary drugs at Wal-Mart;
Pet trust funds in Ohio;
Dogs Democrat, owners Republican

March, p. 12:
Kibbles 'n' suds;
Men more money-focused than women;
No horsing around with disease;
Calling all chiropractors: You're in;
A fun working vacation;
Drug team members with praise

April, p. 8:
Hold on—who's spaying me?
Snuggling up with pets;
Veterinarian in the buff;

May, p. 10:
How to live 100 years? Your pet knows;
Bunnies and ferrets and parrots, oh my!

June, p. 12:
Hibernation health solutions;
Veterinarians rank high for strong ethics

July, p. 10:
You know what happens when you assume ... ;
Cornell to honor memory of feline veterinarian

Sept., p. 9:
Most humane cities;
Doggy see, doggy think

Oct., p. 10:
A dog's $12 million trust fund;
Behind on sleep? Pay it forward;
Black labs vs. pirates;
Fat is not where it's at;
Photogenic felines

Nov., p. 10:
Self-centered doctors;
Manual for mutt manners;
Popular pet names