2007 article index: Practice management Q&A

2007 article index: Practice management Q&A

Dec 17, 2007
By dvm360.com staff
Jan., p. 14:
Managing accounts receivable;
Putting out PR fires;
Sick time for an associate;
Are marketing efforts effective?

Feb., p. 15:
Being available for weekend work;
Creating effective employee manuals;
Doctor-client dating;
Employee discount dilemma;
Finding files;
Types of relief veterinarians

March, p. 15:
Budgeting for retirement;
Client care coordinator vs. receptionist;
Where's my vacation?;
Gaining acceptance as a new associate;
Don't be too quick to write off lunch;
Promote, attract, retain

April, p. 10:
Dealing with a superstar diva;
Battling retirement foes;
Internet phone service

May, p. 12:
Retire right: evaluating your plan;
Make a good impression;
Meet and greet referring doctors;
Lost and found equipment;
Fair production means proper invoicing

June, p. 14:
Balancing benefit discounts;
Pass on emergencies;
Determining practice manager and owner duties

July, p. 16:
Overcoming communication problems after a shift change;
Marketing emergency facilities;

Sept., p. 10:
Rewarding longevity;
Start the presses;
Team members avoiding work

Oct., p. 16:
Employees abusing sick days;
Discontinuing discounts

Nov., p. 12:
What to pay an associate who's certified in acupuncture;
Investing in stocks

Dec., p. 8:
Make the most of the media;
Compensation at a walk-in clinic;
When the owner's not buying new equipment;
Communicating with referring doctors