2007 article index: Authors last names W

2007 article index: Authors last names W

Dec 14, 2007
By dvm360.com staff

Wagner, Marlene
Educate to prevent bites, April, p. 15

Ward, Dr. Ernest E. Jr.
Fresh start, Jan., p. 36
Get out of your unhealthy rut, March, p. 54
A big problem: obesity, July, p. 38
Tech talk, Dec., p. 26

Wasche, Linda
Quick fixes that boost client satisfaction, Feb., p. 22
Developing marketing materials, July, p. 16

Wheeler, Dr. Karen
You bugged? We all bug! March, p. 70

Wolfe, Amanda
The whole enchilada (Atascocita Animal Hospital, Humble, Texas), March, p. 34
Match made in heaven, April Equine Section, p. 1
Pet food recall: Putting out fires, May, p. 24
Pet food recall: Rebuilding the circle of trust, May, p. 33
Once upon a leasehold (Simi Valley Animal Hospital, Simi Valley, Calif.), June, p. 56
Swapping space (Washtenaw Veterinary Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich.), July, p. 62
Only in Boca (Calusa Veterinary Hospital, Boca Raton, Fla.), Sept., p. 40
They've lost that lovin' feelin', Oct. Equine Section, p. 1
Sculpted & renewed (City of Angels Veterinary Specialty Center, Culver City, Calif), Oct., p. 50
Old into new (Asheville Highway Animal Clinic, Knoxville, Tenn.), Nov., p. 46
A clear advantage (Plainfield Animal Hospital, Plainfield, N.J.), Dec., p. 33

Woloshyn, Dr. Craig
See Talking Points by Dr. Craig Woloshyn
Could you be a stubborn old cuss? Feb., p. 43
An epitaph for Cotton, June, p. 96

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