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The dvm360 leadership challenge

Today’s veterinary clients just aren’t the same—and they want it all

Check out this data to learn how they make decisions, what they REALLY want and what they’re REALLY like. ...

Practice finances

Checklist for buying a practice


Don't buy—or buy into—a veterinary hospital before you work through this checklist.

Female veterinarians earn less, but ...

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 15, 2016

... the AVMA starting salary calculator showing that looks at many factors. And that does NOT mean any female DVM should ask a practice owner for less money than her male peers.

Who gets credit—cats or dogs?

VETTED - Jun 03, 2016

This survey answers the question (maybe) of who has better credit: cat owners or dog owners?

Come together, right now, over debt

DVM360 MAGAZINE - May 31, 2016

Fix the Debt summit calls on all stakeholders in the veterinary field to be a part of student debt solution.

6 lessons from my year of wellness plans


Don't get sick of wellness plans before you even start! I was enthusiastic about wellness plans at my veterinary practice, but even I ran into hiccups getting clients to sign up and team members to offer them. Here’s what I learned.

Client relations

Social media is a two-way street

FIRSTLINE - Jun 24, 2016

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest—it doesn't matter which social media platforms your veterinary practice has its hooks in. Want to succeed? You can't just talk AT gotta talk TO people!

4 products to connect with pet owners

VETTED - Jun 22, 2016

Find tech-savvy tools to reach pet owners in the digital age.

4 fab ways to avoid brushing off veterinary clients

VETTED - Jun 22, 2016

If you're in private practice and beholden to pet owners for your success in veterinary medicine, can you afford to skip the very basics of the exam room experience? (Hint: "No" is the answer you're looking for.) Here they are ...

Work for us! (You know you want to.)

FIRSTLINE - Jun 21, 2016

When our veterinary hospital has an opening, job applicants flood in. They can’t seem to resist our website and our social media pages that show off (honestly) our support of local community, care for patients and teamwork.

Money-hungry: How do I convince my practice owner that selling therapeutic diets is worth it?

VETTED - Jun 17, 2016

dvm360 expert Brian Conrad, CVPM, gets black and white about the benefits of therapeutic diets, how to sell them to clients and how to convince veterinary hospital management that it's a totally brilliant idea.

Life balance

In veterinarians' wildest dreams …


Join me and imagine, if you will, a fantasy practice that doesn't follow the rules—a practice that everyone owns, the pay is great and slacking isn't tolerated.

These DVMs put the “rad” in nontRADitional career paths


Veterinarians Karen Bradley and Sarah Wooten map out their roads less traveled with directions on how to prepare and encouragement to get started and keep going.

Dark shadows: Drug abuse and addiction in the veterinary workplace

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 16, 2016

Whether it’s suicidal thoughts or drug addiction haunting our colleagues, are we doing enough to protect them from themselves ... and offering them the resources to get the help they need?

Dr. Sue Ettinger: She sees. She does.

VETTED - Jun 16, 2016

You know her as oncologist Dr. Sue Cancer Vet, the force behind the See Something, Do Something early cancer detection campaign. This could also be the tagline for her life adventures thus far.

Team meeting tool: The 12 phases of burnout

FIRSTLINE - Jun 14, 2016

Use this handout to familiarize your team with the warnings signs that signal burnout.