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The dvm360 leadership challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Fear Free

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 04, 2014

Your complete resource to what some call a revolution that will forever change veterinary medicine. ...

Practice finances

Why smart veterinarians make bad buying decisions

Dec 01, 2014

Our brains move fast! Slow down before you shell out.

Why your veterinary practice isn’t covering its costs

Nov 20, 2014

Caution: Price raising talk ahead

Start your veterinary New Year's resolutions now

Nov 18, 2014

Don't wait until January to decide on the ways you want your practice to shine in 2015.

Work up two case studies—and learn how a client thinking ahead could change the outcome (Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance)

Nov 07, 2014

Move through the rooms of a virtual veterinary practice and help your team work through a canine emergency or a feline illness. These interactive cases show how having a pet insurance policy in place could influence client decisions and alter the outcome.

Why all the fuss about low-cost veterinary clinics?

Nov 01, 2014

Veterinarians agree that spaying and neutering pets is a good thing. Stop being so concerned about who provides the service.

Client relations

Obenski’s final bow

Dec 01, 2014

Longtime columnist bids farewell to this column after 37 years.

10 simple ways to let clients know you care

Dec 01, 2014

Do you care about clients outside the exam room? Show it.

Nutrition is the No. 1 way veterinarians fail pet owners

Nov 14, 2014

Get on your soapbox and deliver the message.

10 tips to make pet care more affordable (Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance)

Nov 07, 2014

“I can’t afford that.” “It’s too expensive.” Don’t you wish you could eliminate these words from pet owners’ vocabulary? Use these steps to boost your education program to the next level and effectively teach pet owners about how to offer the next level of care for their pets.

Ready, set, grow! Earn more and help pets (Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance)

Nov 07, 2014

You can help pets get the topnotch care they deserve, grow in your job, and position yourself for promotions and pay increases. Help create a coordinated effort to protect and preserve pets’ health and teach more pet owners about how they can afford to offer their pets the care they need.

Life balance

Why a Golden Retriever's veterinarian is so important to one Navy man

Nov 04, 2014

Who makes the top brass stop and take notice? You do.

The inconvenience brigade

Nov 01, 2014

The truth is, veterinary clients can be a little inconsiderate.

Fingerprints: Dr. Steve Ettinger

Oct 30, 2014

What you’d ask and what you’d never think to ask a leading voice of veterinary medicine. Join us for the first monthly installment of “Fingerprints,” a series of Q&As with important veterinary luminaries who are leaving their unique imprint on our industry.

On the spot: Dr. Jeff Werber

Oct 10, 2014

Advice on how to maintain lifelong enthusiasm for your work in veterinary medicine—plus the oddest thing he remembers a client doing.

New survey explores veterinarians' lives as parents

Oct 07, 2014

Confidential questions to look at choices DVMs make to balance veterinary hospital and child-rearing duties.

Hot topics on dvm360

Blog: Election results pose obstacles for veterinary prescription law

Flip in U.S. Senate's majority may slow progress of Fairness to Pet Owners Act.

7 steps to a better relationship between veterinarians and rescue groups

A DVM in the city shares his advice to veterinary practices for working with rescues.

The war between shelters, veterinarians needs to end

Despite practitioners’ legitimate gripes, they’re hurting themselves.

Making it work: Cavanaugh Pet Hospital dedicates itself to a positive, productive shelter relationship

Watch "Moustakas" benefit from Cavanaugh Pet Hospital's partnership with Furry Kids Refuge.

Ebola-exposed dog's first test for the virus is negative

Bentley will continue to be treated with an abundance of caution for the remainder of his quarantine, while his owner has been declared 'virus-free.'